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Cathy Church is a pioneer in underwater photographic techniques with expertise in marine biology and photographic services. She helps both amateur and professional photographers reach their goals to improve their technique, learn photography, and explore more through her personalized photo trips. She created her photo centre and gallery to provide a comprehensive source for the latest in photo equipment, editing, and print production techniques.


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Papua New Guinea

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Join Cathy Church for your next great photo adventure to the finest underwater photo destinations.


Solomon Islands

April 2-12, 2022

Join Cathy on her 20th adventure to this easy, exciting, wonderful tour to the Solomon islands on the ever-popular  MV Bilikiki.


Cayman (Land and Sea Tour) full but call for last minute openings

August 17-27, 2022

Stay three nights at Sunset House in Grand Cayman and work and dive with Cathy and her crew from July 21 to July 24, followed by a week from July 24 to July 31 on the Cayman Aggressor V.


Maldives Aggressor

April 9-19, 2023

Join Cathy on her second adventure to this world-class dive destination in the Maldives on the Maldives Aggressor.


Papua New Guinea

October 12-22, 2022

Boarding the  MV Oceania at Walindi Plantation, Kimbe Bay. More information to follow.

Photo classes and workshops

Find the best way to learn more about underwater photography with a group class or a private class designed just for you—any age, any skill, any camera!

Cathy has been teaching underwater photography for over 50 years—mostly in Grand Cayman and in workshops throughout the United States. She doesn’t just throw facts at you, she adjusts her teaching to match how you learn and what you want to know. She loves watching your excitement when your photos get more and more beautiful.

Cathy Church teaches workshops at a number of dive shows, including Beneath the Sea. Topics include many aspects of underwater photography and editing photos. She is passionate about her seminar helping fearful people learn how to enjoy SCUBA diving.


The Cathy Church Underwater PhotoFest has the world’s longest dive times! 2019 was their 10th year of week-long immersions into underwater photography at Sunset House, in Grand Cayman. On shallow dive days, you can dive, shoot, come up when your tank is low, get some water or fruit while your tank is changed (you don’t even have to get out of the water). Go back down and do it all over again until three hours are up.

Cathy Church

Cathy has been taking photos underwater since 1965. She is a pioneer of photo techniques and is in six SCUBA halls of Fame and the Explorers’ Club. Her work has been published in hundreds of magazines, including diving titles, travel magazines, newspapers, and scientific journals and books. She photographed J.V. Hart underwater for her chapter in a book on environmental portraiture by Jim Cornfield. She is also a marine biologist with a keen eye for animal identification and behavior. Her long history with cameras and diversity makes her proficient with the latest models.

Her commercial clients have included Kodak, Nikon, USVI, the cruise industry, Atlantis Submarine and Intuos TV. She has worked with ad directors to ensure photographs that the client wants, while using her own skills to enhance the image to better fit their needs.

Cathy is also available to travel to other locations, except to dive under the polar ice.