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      Cathy Church's favorite underwater photos from her journey (up to 2003) from the Caribbean to the South Pacific, from the surface to 150' deep, all gathered into this beautiful coffee table book.


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       Cathy Church store warranty and returns policy IMPORTANT 30 DAY SUPPLEMENTAL WARRANTY INFORMATION



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      Self-Service Printing and Scanning


      Make prints from your digital media - phone, CD, thumb drive or memory card.


      Make calendars or holiday cards, add text and borders, crop and adjust.


    • Copying Art

      Share and sell your paintings and other art work over and over.

      We can make that happen with our wonderful reproduction and Giclee printing on canvas, watercolor or photo lustre paper. Our prints maintain the look and feel of your original. Or, you can direct us on how you would like it changed. What a great freedom to be able to change an oil painting that has that one little flaw you wished you had fixed. With digital printing, it is easy to make changes.

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    • Cayman Photographers

      Cayman Photographers is part of Cathy Church’s Photo Centre. We have been the photo and video experts in the Cayman Islands since 1972. Let us help you capture your special moments in your own personal way. 


    • Cayman Photographers


      Cayman Photographers also provides Event Photography, Commercial Photography, Senior Portraits, Beach Portraits, Location Photography, Corporate Photography, Architectural Photography, Baby Bump Portraits, Underwater Photography, Baby and Children's' Photos, Trash the Dress Photography, Trash the Dress Videography, Engagement Photos, Wedding Videography, Event Videos, Press Conference Videography, Commercial Television and Video Production, and Audiovisual Displays throughout Grand Cayman and the Cayman Islands. 


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    • Private Classes

       Our private, one on one affordable classes at Cathy Church's Photo Centre can help you take your photos and video to the next level.

      Whether you want to learn photography or video, the latest photo or video editing software or advanced techniques like studio lighting, we can customize a lesson for you. Our private instructor, Tony Mark will work with you whether you are a beginner or a pro or somewhere in between.

      If you have a pocket compact camera or the latest in DSLR's or even high end video equipment, we can help you get the most from your camera. Tony's personal hands on method will have you learning skills in no time and utilizing new technology to make your photos and videos look amazing.

      If video is your passion, let him teach you some of his tricks that earned him an Emmy in 2006 for film editing. Tony uses a MAC and can teach you such programs as Final Cut Pro X, iMovie, Aperture, iPhoto and PhotoShop.


      Learning the basics with your compact or SLR camera!

      An intermediate class on becoming a better photographer


  • About Cathy
    • Cathy's Awards 

      Cathy has received many honors for her teaching and photography

      from 1971!


    • Articles

      Here are some recent articles by Cathy and About Cathy


  • Environmental Issues
    • Environmental Issues


      Grand Cayman is proposing the construction of a new cruise berthing facility that would totally remove the lovely wreck of the Balboa, one of my long time favorite places for teaching underwater photography. The dredging would also directly impact Soto’s Reef and Eden Rock — annual home to the incredible masses of silversides and tarpon. Silt from the dredging operations would expand for months as far as Sunset House where I teach and dive and could possibly smother and kill it.



      All of the environmental impact assessment clearly points all of this out, and also details the type of economic improvement for the island.

      We have formed a protest group called SaveCayman.org which points out the fallacy of destroying the very reefs that are the most popular for our cruise ship customers, etc. etc. and the severe economic fallout from so much environmental destruction as well as crowds, traffic, noise, and so on ad infinitum.

      If you would like to help in this cause, you can go to our web site and sign our petition as a tourist who likes the reefs intact.


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      Grand Cayman, KY1-1106, CAYMAN ISLANDS 390 South Church Street

    • Employment Opportunities

      We occasionally need to look for a retail assistant or an underwater photo instructor

      Camera sales assistant:

      We are currently fully staffed, but we are always on the lookout ........

      Underwater Photo instructor:

      We have a great team here at the photo centre, and we sometimes need another.......

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      How to Contact Us:

      Cathy Church's Photo Centre and Gallery

      P.O. Box 479, Grand Cayman, KY1-1106, CAYMAN ISLANDS

      390 South Church Street, at the Sunset House Hotel

      EMAIL: click here

      Calling from within Cayman (345)-949-7415

      Calling from the US (607)-330-3504 connects directly with our Cayman office

      Fax from within the Cayman Islands: 345-949-9770

      Business Hours: Mon-Sat: 9:00 a.m. to 6 p.m.; Sun: closed




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